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Find The Precious Land Of Peace Within
Online Program

Peace Of Mind Technique

Experience Peace of Mind and Success in All Aspects of Your Life
Online Program
Let me show hou how to
Learn how to calm your Mind and find Inner Peace
Achieve Success in All Aspects of Life
Become Mentally and Physically fitter and stronger
Connect with Your Higher Self
 Rise Your inner Energy
Embrace Yourself  
Online Program
My offer exculsive for you
Learn how to find peace of mind in all aspects of your life, by watching the videos and following my guidance from anywhere in the world
To achieve a balance in all areas of your life. Not only in your family and work relationships but mentally, and spiritually allowing the best you possibly can. Aswell connect with your inner self
You now have access to world-class knowledge at your fingertips. Janine will be available to answer your questions and provide support as you discover the peace within

Esther Guliano, Switzerland

I made Janine's peace of mind course some time ago. It is for five weeks, but many things from it still accompany me in daily life. So the meditation corner that I set up for me still exists, as does the little book in which I wrote down the most important thoughts about the course. The course is very far-reaching, and you are welcome to deal longer with one topic before moving on to the next. Sometimes there are chapters where it is worth going into depth and invest a couple of days more. The course brought me much closer to myself and showed me a lot of things that I still have to deal with. Very worthwhile if you want to deal with yourself.

Priyanka D., India

I am a verified buyer of peace of mind advance course. Its a perfect for someone who wants to discover the world of spirituality and feels the need to heal oneself. Her course is a compilation of different methods on different issues that one needs to overcome if you wish to heal yourself and to achieve your peace of mind. It contains a very effective self doing methods specifically about past relationship healings, inner child healings, healing relationships with parents etc. Course gets a level up after some stages. Its all about how often and how seriously we practice to implement all those methods in our day to day life. Course will show us a path towards peace. How effectively we implement; its upon us. I got to learn very much from the course that has helped to change my outlook towards things around me and myself Janine has done a lot of efforts to combine different techniques in summarized manner so it will be easy to read and act upon. I am very much thankful to her for designing such a wonderful course. Hope this course will encourage more people to discover the path of peace of their own mind.

Hi, Namaste, my dear soul
I'm Janine, and I created the "Peace of Mind Technique."

Now that I've found "peace of mind," it's my duty to help humanity! I'm determined to share it with you and anyone else who might benefit from it.

My abilities, spiritual understanding, and life experience are the keys to unlocking my long-term mental tranquillity secret.

You don't have to go through what I did for years. My classes will teach you how to achieve your goal in a short period while ensuring long-term success.

Throughout my 20-year career, I've discovered the root of my client's most difficult problems. I devised a strategy to help them recover from their trauma. My main principle is to get to the root of the problem, even if it dates back to childhood or a previous life, in order to remove the impediments that are causing significant problems in their lives. Anxiety and despair are symptoms of these impediments, and they have a negative impact on one's life as a whole. If we don't address the root cause of the problem, it will only worsen, and finding a solution will be difficult
Online Program

Peace Of Mind - the doorway to freedom

Allow me to guide you through the five transformation processes to transform your life from a nightmare to a dream! To live in love and harmony, you must achieve long-term "peace of mind." For the rest of your life, be healthy and wealthy.

Your soul is there for you and waiting for you to connect.

Your soul lives deep within you and guides you through life!

It exists in everyone, but we must seek it out and reconnect with it in order for it to help us heal and discover our truth. We've been thrown into the dark in many ways, unable to see or hear what's going on around us. You've been called! Your soul (spirit) is here to help!


We can love others only if we are at peace with ourselves.

We now understand that loving oneself is a necessary condition for loving others, providing love, and having fulfilling relationships. But how do you fall in love with someone you've never met? As a result, going within to connect with the soul/spirit is critical for discovering our true essence and finding inner peace. Only then can we truly love and accept ourselves, as well as others, in all of our shades and edges. As a result, we'll attract people who truly appreciate us for who we are.


Being a millionaire without peace of mind is useless.

Regardless of who you are, your past, or the amount of money in your bank account, it will never satisfy you unless you have Peace of Mind. I know wealthy people who have tried to buy their peace by going to the best doctors, seeking therapy from psychiatrists, and yet weren’t able to achieve mental peace. This can only be taught and resolved by subject matter experts who have dedicated their lives to these teachings. Allow me the liberty to show you the way and give you these teachings for a small fee.

Week 1: Slow down
"Peace of Mind"
Advanced program


5 Transformation points


Welcome & introduction of Janine

Day 1: Slow down

Day 2: Manage your breath

Day 3: Stop comparing

Day 4: Gratitude

Day 5: Mindfulness practice


Day 1: Forgiveness practice

Day 2: Let go

Day 3: Heal the relationship with parents

Day 4: Aura cleansing

Day 5: Heal your inner child

Bonus: Uplift your energy


Day 1: Mindset check-up and reset

Day 2: Attitude is everything

Day 3: Stop whining

Day 4: Habit check-up and body cleansing

Day 5: Purification of the body/environment

Bonus: Mindflow method


Day 1: Thought control

Day 2: instructions of meditation

Day 3: Connect with your higher self/ soul

Day 4: Soul communication

Day 5: Discover your life paths

Bonus: Smile mediation


Day 1: EFT

Day 2: Mantra & affirmation & prayer

Day 3: Pranayama

Day 4: TAO song and TAO dance

Day 5: Healing code

Bonus: Self-love

25 Modules, 4 Bonus modules, 21 pdf's (ready to download),
and 13 videos exclusive for you


Getting into a stage of Peace of mind

Being able to stay calm in every situation of life

Clarity about life paths and calling

Being loved and successful

The overall health of mind, body, and soul

Freedom of depression and anxiety

This is the most precious compact advice step by step
to reach Peace from within your heart

Get it now-Don't waste any time-It is time to act!

Take responsibility and change your life from misery into a dream!





Let go of the past in Peace and move on for the better!
We frequently believe that we have healed and let go of the past, such as previous relationships, childhood trauma, or other events. We are unaware of this, however, because we carry negative emotions in our hearts and minds. We are still attached to the person or event. It is a burden that endures and attracts new heinous events without our knowledge. We are accumulating more negativity because we have never truly let go and cleaned it away. It has the potential to cause serious issues such as depression and anxiety. When we don't do a deep cleaning in our homes or on our bodies, they become too dirty over time and require the use of a strong soap to remove. This is where I can assist you with my methods and assist you in performing an effective deep cleansing on a soul, mind, and body level.
Results may vary | Results are based on individual circumstances
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Janine Wolf
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